Welcome to the world of Zakkids, brand of accessories for babies and dreamy children. Inspired by my universe softAnd fantastic populated by magic and comforting animals.

A real imaginary and colorful bestiary!

Everything is entirely done in my workshop:

-The model design

-exclusive prints

-the bosses

-the making.

The idea is to offer a unique articleand very good quality.

Zakkids wants to envelop in sweetness, love and fun babies and children through original and unique creations as close as possible to the need for cuddles, while remaining practical and fun for their parents.

Zakka words contractionwhomeansthe art of embellishing everyday thingsAnd Kids, this name is a nod to my passion for Japanese culture and my love of children.

Zakkids the original birth gift!

What is Zakkids?

Zakkids, it is a young French brand created in 2018 which has the will to offer soft, fine, original, practical products for babies and children, and big children!

Zakkids' values

  • Personalization
  • Practice

At the house of Zakkids We have at heart of:

  • Develop quality products with exclusive designs
  • Create link with the customer by providing him with a 100% tailor -made service and models that can be fully personalized
  • Work in short circuit with only European suppliers and thus limit the carbon footprint
  • Guarantee models exempt from harmful materials for the delicate skin of small people with the use of inks without solvents
  • Choose labeled quality fabrics GotsWhere OEKO TEX