Baby room

Baby room inspiration number 1: the magic forest

Baby room - Forest animals theme

🍁Every Wednesday, I will create a small atmosphere page around the world of childhood on current themes and trends to give you inspirations and at the same time present my products and those of creators that I love and which are complementary to my universe.
🌿Today it will be the magic forest and its colorful and poetic universe.

🍂Color recalling the coat of fantastic animals like the fox or the doe.
🌿Wood, for the natural and soft side.
🦊Baby daily essentials such as angel nest and fox sleeping bag @zakkids_ and the little rabbit slippers of @tiffanycouture_fr For the textile side.
🐻On the awakening side, we fall for the very soft and so poetic bibiche of @lily_a_la_guimauve and the fun forest puzzle of @mylittlefox_fr , promise of rewarding moments for baby.
🦊On the care side, we play it Eco Friendly with the washable fox lounges too cannons of @reve_en_coton .
🍁Come and tell me what you think of it in the comments and do not hesitate to share, like, save.

🍁Thank you for being here.
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Which sleeping bag choosing?

Sleeping bags

Choose the sleeping bag for your baby

❤️Wondering how to choose your baby's future sleeping bag? What thickness? What material ? And then, what is the T.O.G. ? Zakkids helps choose the ideal sleeping bag for your baby!

But first, what is a sleeping bag ?

sleeping bag Koala

Also called turbulent, the sleeping bag is a baby sleeping bag. Its use is recommended by pediatricians until the age of two.

Why ? The sleeping bag first offers security to your baby. The use of duvets, blankets, pillows or sheets is prohibited until this age!

Indeed, sleeping bag limits the risk of asphyxiation and baby can sleep safely.

For its safety, also make sure to sleep on your back without anything around. In addition, there is also a question of comfort for your little one. Warm in its turbulent, baby benefits from a sleep at a temperature that wants to be adequate and constant. Adapted to his morphology, baby will be at ease in his turbule.

He will be able to "fidget" as he wishes safely.

What size to choose?

The main thing when you choose the sleeping bag for your little one is that it is well adjusted.

Indeed, it must be neither too small, at the risk that baby feels tight and narrow, nor too large, so that he cannot slide inside.

In particular, it must be adjusted when passing the arms and at the width of the neck. A good sleeping bag will offer a reassuring environment to baby and will allow him to have freedom in his movements.


Regarding sizes, there are many to find the most appropriate sleeping bag: premature, 0/3 months, 3/6 months, 6/12 months, 12/24 months and 24/36 months. These different sizes have variable lengths. And some brands even opt for scalable sleeping bags. If it is better to avoid them for birth and favor a well-adjusted sleeping bag, these constitute an excellent choice for the future. They are more economical since they accompany your baby longer.

At Zakkids, we offer 3 sizes of sleeping bags. The first is dedicated to birth with a size 0/6 months. The second concerns the period 6/12 months and the last covers the period from 1 to 2 years.



What thickness of sleeping bag favor? Which TOG to choose?

Sleeping bags

To best choose your baby's sleeping bag, you have to take into account the room temperature in which it is located. If his room ideally has to be around 18 °, the thickness of its turbulette will necessarily evolve depending on the seasons. But how do you know if a sleeping bag is really hot? By being attentive to the product description or the label, you will see a Tog which is a heat index. This allows you to know what the thermal resistance of the sleeping bag is. The lower this index, the lighter the turbulent, the more high it is, the more hot it is.

What is Tog?

the TOG (thermal overall grade) is a measure of thermal resistance of the material.
The higher the value of TOG, the more hot and insulating the sleeping bag.

Be sure to adapt the TOG according to the temperature of the room where your baby is and not according to the external:

  • TOG 1.0: Usable in summer, you can use it in rooms where the temperature is between 22 and 24 degrees. It’s the ideal sleeping bag for hot summer days.
  • Tog 2: warmer and slightly padded. You can use it in rooms where the temperature is between 17 and 22 degrees. It’s the ideal half-season sleeping bag.
  • TOG 3.0: Generally in velvet and well padded, it is suitable for parts where the temperature is between the 15 and 17 degrees. It’s the ideal sleeping bag for winter.

At Zakkids, we offer three types of sleeping bags. These adapt to each of the seasons (Tog 1, 2 and 3). Thus, baby can always keep an ideal body temperature during his sleep.

What subjects to choose?

sleeping bag

As with all clothes that come into direct contact with baby's skin, we advise you to opt for the most natural possible materials. As far as possible, avoid synthetic materials. Also be sure that your sleeping bag did not meet a lot of potentially harmful chemicals during its production. For that nothing could be simpler, make sure that your sleeping bag is certified by Oeko-Tex. This increasingly widespread label guarantees the lack of potentially dangerous chemical for baby. The ideal would even be to opt for organic products. The GOTS label notably guarantees the organic origin of the raw materials used.

At Zakkids, all the fabrics of our sleeping bags are exclusively composed of cotton and Minky fleece and benefits of the Oeko-Tex label. In addition, the inks used for screen printing are solvent -free inks, respectful of the environment and the skin of our babies.

What to bring to baby below his sleeping bag?

You now know how to choose your baby's sleeping bag depending on the season and temperature! But you still probably wonder how to dress your baby below it. During the summer, you can put a short sleeve body. In spring or fall, dress it with a long sleeve body and add pajamas depending on the temperature of the moment. Finally, in winter, baby will usually need to wear a body accompanied by hot pajamas to stay warm.

Here you are now a sleeping bag! Trust you and do not forget your great power of parents, you are the best for your child!

❤️Go and find out The zakkid sleeping bag collection And choose your child's totem animal